Packaging Design Agency in Kent

Boxes, cartons, bottles, bags, tubes…

regardless of the shape and size, your packaging only has mere moments to convince consumers that they should be picking your product up and taking it home. Creatively, shape and colour catches the eye, while some sultry texture and on-point messaging could seal the deal….

At Three Monkey Design we understand that design matters, and that packaging needs to stand out if you want to get noticed. It’s essential that it bursts with the character and elements of your company, whilst outshining the competition and also allowing consumers to understand at a glance what they’re buying.

But it’s not just all about how it looks on shelf. All the gorgeous branding in the world can’t save a piece of packaging poorly designed on the structural side. We pride ourselves on the fact that we understand packaging inside out – and because of this, our in-house CAD team can advise you on the best way to contain and secure your product for the most cost effective budget.

This packaging know-how also informs our design process – meaning less stress for you when it comes to packaging artwork and printing. Brains and beauty, all rolled into one.

We’re also environmentally conscious (we are Monkeys, after all), and can guide on ethical materials if you’re looking to minimise waste and recycle.

Practical packaging and stand-out design. What more could you want?