Brand Design Agency in Kent


The three core elements that we believe that brand identity is based on; a magical trio of components encapsulating who your company is, what it represents and how it engages with the world around it. By being true to your company’s principles, your brand lets potential customers know that you understand their needs, respect their lifestyle and share their values.

Recognisable and consistent, a strong brand identity can also make you stand out from the competition and influence consumers purchasing decisions, directly impacting your bottom line.

It’s your business’s identity and your biggest asset.

At Three Monkey Design, all of our brand design work is based in strategic market and consumer research, meaning that concepts are rooted in reality, and the work we produce is anchored with insights. We understand that a successful brand identity translates into a positive brand image, which is why we create brands that stand out, stand for something, and stand the test of time.

From fresh new launches, to enhancing and rebranding existing brands, we encourage emotional connections and ensure a higher success rate for our clients. Your branding is the biggest investment you’ll ever make in your business, so we’re here to make sure it’s sending the right message, loud and clear.