Branding is a big topic and an organic process. Always at the heart is the consumer, and brands with a relevant, authentic identity make the strongest connection. They flourish.

Three Monkey know how to make this happen: we have the foresight, creativity and know-how, including the right resources and decades of experience.

We like helping ideas grow and enjoy looking after established ventures, too. Our work with Gastro Culinary Innovation and Coca-Cola, for instance, shows how we nurture as well as sow.

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Packaging is where we planted our seeds back in the early ’90s. We’ve watched the fruits grow: companies have reported a 30% increase in consumer interest when they’ve shown strong attention to packaging.

With only seven seconds to convince new browsers against the competition, it’s essential to stand out. Three Monkey’s graphic and structural designers are experts at visual sweet-talk. Sneaky.

Often we inherit – and ultimately correct – artwork that won’t work on-press. We can safely say our roots in print mean our work isn’t just nice to look at, it can always be produced.

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We don’t just work in print.

The online frontier is as much a part of branding as packaging, or even the brand identity itself. We believe that all three platforms are needed to make a household name, and the more connected the better. Harmony across all touchpoints – avoiding customer confusion at the very least – is key.

And because online tech is always evolving, Three Monkey build forward-thinking sites, balancing visual impact with that all-important website crux, visitor usability.