Butchers Friend Branding

Butchers Friend logo in white and red on a transparent background


It’s never a dog’s life with Butchers Friend. Some pet owners want only the finest food for their four-legged furries – and when Butcher’s Friend decided pampered pets needed perfectly-designed pouches, Three Monkey Design were as happy as a dog with two tails to take on the challenge.


Taking ourselves off for a walk up the pet food aisles of our local Kentish supermarkets, we researched the category thoroughly to understand the premium end of the market. Considering packaging and creative and how that reflected the product inside, we then treated the Three Monkey Design team’s cats and dogs to a taste test.

Luckily, there was one clear winner…

With Butcher’s Friend using all natural ingredients in their wet and dry food ranges, along with adding all important minerals and vitamins to keep pets in tip top condition, it was imperative that the packaging looked as fabulous as the pet food it contained. No barking up the wrong tree here….


We set to work on the project like a dog with a bone. The finished branding includes an eye-catching palette of slightly-muted primary colours used to showcase different flavours. This flash of colour was set on a background of upmarket black or silver, which in turn allows the consumer to easily identify which is dry or wet food and what age of animal it’s appropriate for.

And, because, no animal lover can resist a cute dog or cat, we also included some gorgeous, close-up pet pics on each pack, again allowing easy identification of which animal the food was made for. Making the striking packs irresistible to pet owners, and the contents Purrrrr-fect for pets.

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