Looking for a creative agency can be a difficult business. Firstly, there are heaps of us out there. Plus we all offer similar services, from helping you create a logo and branding to designing websites that help you sell your products. So faced with all this (similar) choice, how do you go about choosing an agency that’s just right for you?


Firstly, it’s a good idea to think about what it is you need the agency to actually do for you. If your business is mainly ecommerce, then look for agencies with a strong web design team. If you’re a start up, then finding an agency that specialises in that area may give you access to additional SME business advice. All about packaging? Then look for packaging expertise. For example, here at Three Monkey we have a super-awesome in-house CAD team who work on cardboard construction, allowing us to produce full colour packaging prototypes for our clients before they go into full production – making sure everything is fit for purpose and there are no costly mistakes further down the line. Key for some businesses, but not so relevant for others.


Don’t just rely on google in your search. Speak to your business network for recommendations and research suggestions carefully. And when you have a shortlist, check out their previous work and case studies. Do you like their style? Are they working with brands in the same sector as you? Have they got a good track record on ROI?

It’s also worth looking at resources – you may be happy dealing direct with a smaller agency, or you may feel you need more of the heavy lifting done by agency account managers, with a bigger team behind them. Bear in mind that both of these usually have an impact on agency fees, but for some businesses, using a larger agency may be money well spent.

And don’t forget, technology means that you can work with agencies anywhere in the country, not just those in the city or near to where your business is based, so sometimes it’s worth looking a little further afield.


Finally, think about the relationships you’re looking to foster, and the type of people you’re looking to work with. Here at Three Monkey, our best relationships are with clients who we are able to have honest conversations with, and who are collaborative and open to new ideas. That keeps us on our toes, and their businesses fresh.

A strong client-agency relationship can result in some brilliant results, from the creative work to the business’s bottom line. So even if you’re looking for someone to help in the short term, it’s always worth approaching the task with a long-term mindset. If the agency you choose right now delivers the right results for you, then you may not need to go through the process of finding another agency again in the future.

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